6 Ways to Fix Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Error

As a user of Google play services, how many times have you gotten the notification “Google play services keeps stopping”? You must have received this weird message at least once. When you’re in the middle of an essential task, this notification might be a distraction.

As a part of the Android ecosystem, Google Play Services is an essential component. Connectivity to other Google services like Google Sign-In and Google Maps is one of their primary functions. They are built into the Android operating system and are distinct from the Google Play Store, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Whenever the Google Play Services malfunction, the Android user’s experience is severely disrupted. That’s why it’s critical to repair Google Play Services when they continually fail to start.

If you are facing the same problem, this article is for you. In this article, we’ll tell you some methods to solve “Google play services keeps stopping”.

How to fix the “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” Error?

Many Android users may not be surprised by Google play malfunctioning or shutting off. This is something that many of us have encountered at least once. And to be honest, there is no particular reason for this error. So, there are some methods which you can try and see which one suits you.

1. Restart the device

Restarting your phone is the simplest way to get rid of this problem. Simply put, this is a way to give your play store a break from the work it’s been performing. It’s a common belief that the first step to solving any problem on Android is to just restart the device. The following are the steps that can be taken:

  • Press the power button for 3 seconds, which is located either on the top or the side of the power button.
  • The “Restart” or “Power off” along with some other options will appear.
  • You can select from one of the two choices.
  • Wait for a restart of your device.
  • If you select “Power off,” you’ll have to manually restart the device.

2. Check your Internet Connection

Your Google Play services must operate without any problems. A problem with the internet connection might be the reason behind this error. Find out if your internet connection is strong enough. Fix any errors, such as wifi connected but no internet, before trying to connect to the internet again.

If the internet signal is weak, go to a new location. You may have a powerful signal, but not enough data to use it. Find out whether this is the problem. The best way to find out is to recharge your phone with a larger data plan and then check again. Hopefully, the problem has been resolved by this point.

3. Clear Cache & Data of Google Play Services

If you are facing the above error, you can try to clear the cache of Google play services. The process is quite easy. Just follow the below steps and check if the problem persists. The steps may vary according to the version of android you are using.

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • In the settings, go to Apps.
  • In the list of apps, search for “Google Play Services”.
  • Firstly, click on the force stop button to completely stop all the processors of Instagram.
  • Then, tap on clear data to delete all the user data connected with the app
  • This will wipe all the google play data from your phone. You have to again add your google email to start afresh.

4. Reset Google Play services preferences

This problem can be fixed by resetting your system settings. To get rid of all of your app preferences, you may do a full system reset that will reset all existing app preferences. This implies that even the app preferences that are creating an issue will be removed.

However, keep in mind that this will have an impact on app permissions on your smartphone. You should only use this method if you are truly desperate to solve the issue and at your own risk.

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • In the settings, go to Apps.
  • There is a three-dot symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Reset App Preferences” from the drop-down menu.
  • Confirmation will appear in the form of a pop-up window. Start the procedure by clicking on it.

5. Update All Apps

If your applications haven’t been updated in a while, you may be experiencing this problem. In this scenario, updating all of the applications would be a straightforward fix:

  • Make sure you have a WiFi connection.
  • Go to your Google Play Store.
  • Click on the Profile icon.
  • Afterward, select Manage apps & devices.
  • Next, press the “Update all” button.
  • Wait for all applications to update successfully.
  • Once you’ve done that, restart your phone.

6. Remove the Google Account

When everything else fails, consider deleting your Google account from your device and re-start the device. Remove it, reset your device, and see if it helps. You can add the same Google account again if the problem has been resolved.

Final Words

The “Google Play services keeps stopping” problem may be easily fixed. All of the following methods can help you get rid of it. If nothing of the above methods work, the problem may be something else. It’s best to seek the advice of a professional to discover the root cause of this error.

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