How to Fix Youtube Black Screen Issue?

After a long hectic day you try to dip into the world of entertainment, Youtube or you are trying to watch a lecture from Youtube for your upcoming exam. But oh dear God, why is the youtube video screen completely black? Well, we feel you. That is why we are here for you with 8 quick fixes for the Youtube Black Screen issue. Try following them as we have mentioned and we are sure you can fix that by yourself. But first, we need to have a fair idea of what is causing the black screen issue.

Possible Reasons Behind The Youtube Black Screen Issue

There is no specific reason causing this issue. Here we have mentioned a list of possible reasons. Let’s take a look at the potential reasons why YouTube shows a black screen instead of videos.

1. Outdated Youtube Version

You may be using an outdated version of Youtube that keeps lagging a lot or can just simply stop working compatibly with the browser you are currently using. Due to this the Youtube issue may keep happening.

2. Poor Network Connection

Often poor network connection is the main culprit to a lot of online work hindrances. A poor wifi connection can make your youtube lag a lot and cause the Black Screen issue.

3. Storage Issues

If you forget to clear the cache of your youtube app or the browsing history of your browser, they may use a lot of storage, more than you can imagine. This can often cause the black screen issue of youtube.

4. Incompatible Browser

What if the current browser you are using is incompatible with the Youtube Web Player? This may be the root cause of the youtube black screen issue.

5. Enabled Hardware Acceleration

Last but not least all this may occur due to the enabled hardware acceleration in your browser. Later in the article, we have explained it. So keep on following to fix the Youtube Black Screen issue.

How You Can Fix The Youtube Black Screen Issue?

Now that you know what may cause the Youtube issue, let’s jump right into the solution part. We have explained the 8 best solutions. Follow them carefully and you will surely be able to solve the issue.

1. Refresh The Page/ Restart The Browser

If you are using youtube for a long time without shutting it down once in between, Youtube black screen issue might occur. If you seem to keep a page open for long enough, Youtube might lag. So, the first thing you should do is refresh the page. If the black screen issue still seems to be happening try restarting the browser.

2. Check Network Stability

The Youtube black screen issue may happen due to a poor network connection. Check the quality of your Wifi connection. Try changing to a better quality network connection if possible. Check the data speed. Make sure the unstable network connection is not causing this issue.

3. Clear Youtube Cache

Build-up cache can make an app lag. The cache is the temporary files created by the app as proxies. Deleting these files can speed up the working of the app. So, try clearing the youtube cache. Follow the steps mentioned below to delete the cache.

1) Go to Settings on your android phone.

2) Select Apps.

3) Look for Youtube.

4) Click on the Storage option.

5) There should be an option at the bottom stating Clear Cache. Click on that.

4. Clear Browser History

Sometimes the huge piled-up history makes your browser lag a lot. It voluntarily uses a lot of space and storage thus resulting in a lot of hindrances. To have a smoother user experience, you should clear your browser history, cookies more often. This way you can maintain the speed of the browser. If you use youtube through your browser, it can be a possible fix for the Youtube Black Screen issue.

1) Click on the 3 dot/hamburger icon at the upper-right corner of the browser home page.

2) Select History.

3) There should be an option saying Clear Browsing Data at the left sidebar. Click that.

4) Confirm by clicking Clear Data on the popped-up message.

5. Sign Out Of Youtube Account

Try signing out of your youtube account. Then sign in. It fixes minor bugs that may cause the Youtube Black Screen issue. Here’s how you can sign out then sign in to your youtube account.

1) Click on the profile icon on the upper-right corner of the youtube homepage.

2) Select the Sign Out option.

3) Come back to the youtube home page.

4) There should be a Sign In option at the upper-right corner. Tap on that.

5) Choose your account to sign in.

6. Delete And Reinstall The App

There is another way to fix the Black Screen issue. You can try deleting and then reinstalling Youtube once. This way you will be reinstalling the latest version of the app. The newer update may debug the issue itself.

7. Disable Hardware Acceleration

One more thing you can do is disable the hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration is an inbuilt feature in browsers that improves the performance of the browser by allocating some load directly to the GPU. According to a lot of users, this inbuilt feature causes the Youtube issue. So It is advisable to disable the hardware acceleration if you are facing the issue. Here’s how you can disable hardware acceleration.

1) Click on the 3 dot icon at the upper-right corner of your browser homepage.

2) Select Settings.

3) Scroll down to find the Advanced Settings option. Click on that.

4) Select System.

5) Deactivate the toggle to disable the hardware acceleration.

8. Use Another Browser

If nothing seems to be working, then you have no other option left than to use a different browser. The browser you are currently using may be incompatible with Youtube Web Player. You can search for another browser. Then download and install from its official site onto your computer. Now try playing a YouTube video on that browser and check if the black screen issue is still happening or not.

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Well, the Youtube Black Screen issue should be fixed by now. Check for all the fixes given here. At least one of them should work. We hope this article helped you to fix the black screen issue.

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