How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working Issue?

There is a very common issue player, streamers or online meet-up conductors are facing nowadays. That is discord mic not working issue. It is very annoying when your microphone suddenly stops working when you are giving a very important speech over discord. But you don’t have to worry anymore. We are here to help you with 10 fixes to solve the Discord mic Issue.

Discord is a free app to run big servers, talk over voice messages, chats, conduct online streaming, etc. This app is used by over 10 million people. It is perfectly normal if some malfunctions keep happening. This Discord Mic Issue can get fixed by solutions as simple as resetting voice settings or just updating the audio driver.

How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working Issue?

In this article, we have explained 10 quick solutions to fix Discord Mic Not Working Issue. You can easily solve the issue using some simple tricks like resetting the voice settings on discord or reinstalling the app and many more solutions mentioned here. Make sure you go through the article carefully to find out the fixes.

1. Reset the Voice Settings on Discord

Well, the first thing you should do to solve the Discord mic not working issue is resetting its voice settings. You should thank the web developers of Discord as they have already installed an in-built feature of discord to resolve voice-related issues.

It often comes in handy to solve some minor bugs that may cause the sudden damage of the audio feature of discord. Here we have mentioned step by step how you can make good use of the Reset voice settings option in discord to solve the issue.

1) Select Settings on the homepage of the Discord app.

2) Click Voice & Video,

3) Select Reset Voice Settings.

4) Confirm your action by clicking Okay.

5) Reconnect your microphone again. Now try to send a voice message on Discord to check if your Microphone properly works or not.

2. Run as administrator

Sometimes all you have to do is change the administrator settings in Discord. There could be a chance changing the administrator settings of Windows while running the discord app may fix the issue. You can most probably fix this issue by following the steps mentioned below.

1) Right-click on the Discord icon on your Windows taskbar. If it’s hidden, select the “Show hidden icons”.

2) Select Quit Discord.

3) Right-click on the Discord shortcut icon on your desktop

4) Click Run as administrator.

5) Confirm by selecting Yes.

6) Now Try to send a voice message on Discord to see if your microphone properly works or not.

3. Update the Audio Driver

Another possible reason behind the discord mic not working issue can be an outdated audio driver. If the issue is due to outdated audio drivers, you should face the audio cracking, lagging, muted issue while using other apps too. You can update the specific driver that controls your audio inputs to make your microphone alive again. Follow the steps explained below carefully to update the audio driver.

1) Right-click on the Start button to find Device Manager.

2) Look for the Sound, video, and game controllers settings in Device Manager.

3) Click the Intel(R) Display Audio option.

4) Select the Driver tab.

5) Click on Update Driver.

6) Click on Search automatically for drivers and wait for the process to complete.

4. Log Out then Log Back In

One of the main reasons can be lagging due to overwork. You may be using Discord for a long time without letting it shut down for once. Try logging out of the app then log back in for a smoother experience while using the discord app again.

  1. Click on the User Settings in the lower-left corner of the discord home page.
  2. There should be a Log Out option in the left sidebar at the bottom-most. Scroll down and click on that.
  3. close the app.
  4. Now log back in discord again.

5. Make Sure the USB Cable is Not Loose

Check the USB ports. If you use an external mic, make sure it is properly connected to the USB port. Check if the external mic is faulty or not. Also, make sure the USB ports are not damaged by any chance. If the USB cable of the external mic is loose or damaged, the discord mic not working issue can arise because of that. So just check twice of these mandatory things. It is better to keep an eye on something we don’t assume to be the culprit in the first place!

6. Test the Microphone

If you are using an external mic, check if the mic is faulty or not. If you are using your laptop’s microphone, make sure that works fine in the first place. Sometimes all these might happen due to a damaged microphone that you seem to be using. Try changing your microphone and see if the issue continues. Invest in a good microphone that will keep you company for a longer run!

7. Allow Discord to Access Your Microphone

Try to recall if you have turned down the permission asked by discord to use the microphone automatically. For this reason, Discord may not have the access to use your microphone. This may be a possible reason why the discord mic is not working for you. You can enable the permission to use the microphone for discord by following the steps mentioned below.

1) Right-click on the Start button.

2) Select Settings.

3) Look for the Privacy option there.

4) Navigate to Microphone in App permissions under Privacy settings.

5) Enable the access by swiping the button for Allow apps to access your microphone.

6) The discord mic should start working now.

8. Change the Input Mode in Discord

If your discord mic does not issue persist, there is another way you can fix that. You can try changing the input mode in the voice settings of Discord to Push To Talk. This feature allows us to initiate the microphone access by clicking a key in the keyboard whenever we intend to talk over discord. This setting resolves most of the audio-related issues, so better try it out once. Here’s how you can enable the option:

1) Click on the Settings icon at the lower-left corner of the Discord home page.

2) Navigate to the Voice & Video option under the App Settings.

3) Click to alter the input mode from Voice Activity to Push to Talk.

4) Customize any keyboard key as a Shortcut to activate the Push to Talk option.

9. Disable Exclusive Mode

In Windows, there is an Exclusive Mode option. It allows a single device to control the entire sound driver. If this is turned on, it can resist some apps to use the microphone as it is controlled by some other prioritized app. So you need to disable this mode.

1) Search for Sound Settings in the Windows search bar.

2) Click on Device Properties.

3) Select Additional device properties.

4) Look for the Microphone option. Then click on the Advanced tab.

5) Uncheck the box to Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device.

6) Confirm by clicking Apply.

10. Reinstall Discord

If none of the above fixes work, try deleting and reinstalling Discord once. This way the latest update would be reinstalled. The newest update may have some fixes that can debug this issue.


Well, the discord mic issue is very likely to be fixed by now. We hope the fixes we provided here helped you to resolve the issue. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully. We are glad to help you with this article. Hope it helps you to solve the Discord Mic Not Working Issue!

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