How to Fix Instagram Failed to Send Error?

Instagram’s Direct Messaging feature has evolved into a vital part of the app’s basic functionality (and it continues to do so). Your friends and other Instagram users would be delighted to hear from you via DMs. Even Instagram’s direct messages experience downtime from time to time, much like the app’s loading troubles.

For a long, Instagram users have been complaining about the ‘failed to send issue’ that the app has been experiencing. When users try to send a DM or a direct message to a friend or any other user, a pop-up message with the wording ‘Failed to Send Message’ displays at random times. In this article, we’ll discuss the problem of “Instagram failed to send”. Also, some methods to solve the issue yourself.

Why do you see the “Instagram Failed to Send” Message?

Error messages can have a wide range of causes. “Failed to Send Message” is no exception. And since there is no particular issue behind this, there is no one solution. There are multiple solutions that you can try. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet and that it’s operating correctly before trying any of the real methods for fixing the Instagram Failed to Send Message problem.

Due to a lack of Internet access, this error message might also appear. If you are confident that your internet connection is operating properly, then go to the following steps to solve this error.

How to Fix”Instagram Failed to Send” Error?

You need to keep in mind that since this issue doesn’t come from one single reason, you have to try multiple methods to solve this. You can try each one of the below methods and see which one fits you.

1. Update the App

Sometimes, if your Instagram app isn’t updated, you won’t be able to send messages to the person who has updated the app. This can happen occasionally. You may find the most recent version of the app in the Appstore or the Android Store by searching for it. However, if this problem persists even after you’ve updated the application, consider one or more of the following approaches.

2. Check your Internet Connection

Secondly, make sure you’re linked to a steady Internet connection. If you’re not online, you’re more likely to see this error. A typical human error that causes this problem is forgetting to enable Wi-Fi or mobile data. Because of this, it is a good idea to see whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

3. Check if the post or story is deleted

There are many instances where you send a message to your friend on Instagram but see an error message. One reason can be the post you are sending might have been deleted. Because of this, the post or narrative is no more available by the person.

Instead of re-posting the message, you should check to see if the post or article is still available or not. If the post has been deleted by the owner, you won’t be able to send it to anyone.

4. Excessive Activities on Instagram

Some of your activities which include, excessive photo/video uploads and excessive following may all lead to your Instagram account being prohibited from performing certain actions.

Don’t break any of the guidelines that were agreed upon when you set up your Instagram account by when you unknowingly tick the box that you have read all the rules. Keep these rules in mind.

5. Check if the recipient has blocked you

Perhaps the person you’ve been attempting to message has stopped you from sending them the message. In other words, the other person might have blocked you. This can be one possible reason behind the error, “Instagram failed to send message”.

To send a message to a group, be sure that no members of the group have blocked you. As a result, your only option is to ask the person who blocked you to remove the block and work things out between you and them. Best wishes, my friend.

6. Force stop and clear the app data

If any of the above solutions don’t work out for you, this is the last solution you can try. Either you can reinstall the app or clear the app data and start afresh. Let’s check how you can force stop and clear the app data. The steps may vary depending on the version of android you are using.

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • In the settings, go to Apps.
  • In the list of apps, search for “Instagram”.
  • The Instagram app page will open up.
  • Firstly, click on the force stop button to completely stop all the processors of Instagram.
  • Then, tap on clear data to delete all the user data connected with the app.
  • Clear the recent apps and open your Instagram app to start afresh.

7. Instagram Help Centre

If none of the above solutions works for you, try this one. In the event of a problem, you may always reach out to the Instagram help center. You might enlist their assistance in resolving the issue by inquiring as to why you are unable to send DM to another person. They’re going to find a way to fix it.


These are all the 7 methods that you can try if you are facing the error of “Instagram failed to send message”. Try them out one by one and see which one helps you. In case of any doubt, feel free to comment down below.

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