How to Fix WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Issue?

Having a WiFi connection that frequently drops out of service may be a significant hassle. Your internet service provider, an outdated router, a faulty computer configuration, or something else entirely might be the reason for this inconvenience. On Android, if your WiFi keeps disconnecting, it’s generally not a major deal, as you can usually fix it with only a few clicks. But, when you need to view an essential live broadcast or download an important time-limited file, WiFi disconnecting regularly can be a talk of concern.

If you are facing the same issue, you are at the right place. In this article, we’ll describe some methods to solve the problem of WiFi keeps disconnecting.

Common Causes of WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

You aren’t the only one who has Internet outages at unpredictable times. Simply because you’re unable to access the Internet – you can’t play online games or listen to your Spotify playlist, – this is a nuisance. Let’s see some of the common causes because of which this problem persists.

  • Slow internet speed
  • Flight Mode Enabled
  • Outdated WiFi driver software
  • Buggy update on android
  • Router Damaged
  • Damaged router
  • Interference on the network
  • Massive service outage
  • Faulty settings on android system.

How to Fix WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Issue?

As you have seen that there are various reasons behind the issue of internet disconnecting at random times. Similarly, there are more than 1 methods to solve the issue. You have to try each one out and check which one suits you. Let’s check them out one by one.

1. Restart your Phone

Before trying any other options, we recommend that you restart your phone to address the WiFi connectivity issue. Disconnecting WiFi on Android is almost certainly the result of a short-term software or hardware issue. But the good news is that in most circumstances, a simple reboot of your device will solve the problem.

Go ahead and reboot your phone! If this method doesn’t work out for you, read and follow the below other methods to try your luck.

2. Too Many Devices Are Connected

In the past, most families had at most one computer that could be connected to the Internet. WiFi is no longer a luxury, but a need, thanks to smartphones, iPods, smart TVs, and more. You’ll be surprised to know that, even if a connected device is not actively sending or receiving data, it will still utilize part of the available bandwidth. Having a lot of devices connected to your WiFi might cause slowdowns or drops in the connection.

Disconnecting useless devices from your WiFi network is the quickest and simplest way to solve the problem. Changing your WiFi password is the best way to disconnect unused devices. Then, you may restrict the number of devices that can join the network.

You might also try switching bands if that’s possible (maybe connect to the 5 GHz band instead of the 2.4 GHz where it may be less crowded). For the most part, the 5 GHz band is quicker than the 2.4 GHz band, which has a larger range but can be slower. But the 5 GHz band is often preferred since it is faster. Go to the specific device’s settings to change the band.

3. Remove and Reconnect to the WiFi

When you join your Android smartphone on a WiFi network for the first time, it keeps the network information. There is no requirement for password reentry every time you connect to the network. But in this method, you have to disconnect the Wifi and Reconnect it yourself.

Manually re-establishing the connection is required in this case. There, you must “forget” and re-enter the WiFi network from the beginning. Follow the below steps to do so.

  • Open Settings on your android device.
  • In the settings, open Wireless settings.
  • In the WiFi settings, tap on the network you are trying to connect.
  • Tap on Forgot the Network to disconnect. This will delete this WiFi from your device.
  • Now you have to manually connect to the same WiFi by using the password.

After performing the above steps, check if the problem persists or not.

4. Forget other unnecessary WiFi

If you’ve already connected to a WiFi network, your device will try to connect to it again. To put it another way, if you have many WiFi networks within a reasonable distance of your location, your device may switch between them.

Android does this to provide you with the finest and quickest network connection possible but it can bring hassle too. When Android WiFi keeps disconnecting and rejoining, you may experience frequent disconnection.

Your current WiFi network won’t operate unless all other WiFi networks are deleted from your phone’s memory. Simply repeat these above procedures to delete all of your networks.

5. Reboot the Router

The majority of the time, rebooting network devices fixes network and internet problems. For this reason, we recommend restarting your router once to see whether the issue continues. In the router’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website, you’ll find instructions on how to do a reboot.

The standard procedure is to disconnect the modem and router from the plug and wait 30 seconds before re-plugging them. After two minutes, reconnect the modem and router. Give it some time to start and see whether the issue has been resolved.

6. Move closer to the WiFi network source

An issue with the WiFi connection might arise even if the router or Android phone is working properly. Therefore, if your phone keeps disconnecting from WiFi, make sure you’re inside the range.

The strength of your WiFi connection in the status bar might tell you if you’re too far away from the network, try to be close to it. If the quality of the signal is poor, you may want to walk closer to the router to improve the signal.

If you have a home network, you may want to consider shifting the router to a location where it can serve all of your devices.


This is how you can solve the issue of Wifi keeps disconnecting. Also, you can check the other devices to see if they are also facing the same issue. If yes, then the problem is with the WiFi and not your device. You can call the Internet service to solve this issue. I hope this article helped you to solve the issue.

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