Fixed: ‘iTunes Could Not Connect to this iPhone’ Error

There are tons of questions on the internet regarding what to do if iTunes could not connect to your iPhone. A lot of iPhone users experienced this issue. Especially when they try to connect their iPhone to any Windows computer. If you are also facing the same problem you must get a pop-up message stating “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone” every time you try to connect your iPhone to your computer and try to sync it with iTunes.

How to Fix ‘iTunes Could Not Connect to this iPhone’ Issue?

Well, you do not have to worry anymore. We have mentioned some of the easiest and most effective solutions in this article. Just follow them up carefully and we hope this issue gets fixed soon!

1. Check USB Cable and Ports

One of the most trivial reasons behind the “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone” error might be defective USB cable and ports. You often can overlook the cause of the error. The USB cable that you are using now might be faulty, loose, or damaged. So, first, change the current USB cable and try out a new one.

Sometimes USB ports are faulty too. The next task should be checking if computer USB ports are working fine or not. Remove your iPhone from the current USB Port it’s plugged into and try plugging it into another USB port on your computer. Try cleaning your computer USB ports so that you do not compromise with the sensitivity of the USB ports.

2. Restart your iPhone and computer

Sometimes if you keep working on your computer or mobile phone without turning it off in between, the process may get stuck and can lag a lot. This might be the issue why iTunes could not sync the data with your iPhone. Try restarting both your iPhone and computer and give it some time to cool down.

3. Charge Your iPhone

Often iPhones working process lags after a certain charge limit. If the power of your iPhone battery is too low, iTunes may face some problems recognizing the iPhone. So keep your phone on charging mode and give it some so that it can fully charge up. Then restart your iPhone and connect it to the computer.

4. ‘Trust This Computer’

If the iPhone is not properly connected to your computer, you will face the “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone” error. Whenever you try to connect an iPhone to any computer, a message saying ‘Trust This Computer’ pops up on the iPhone screen. Click on the ‘Trust’ option on the popped-up message so that your computer has permission to access the iPhone.

5. Update iTunes to the Latest Version

You may have been using the outdated version of iTunes. Some minor app-related bugs may hinder syncing iTunes with your iPhone. Previous versions of the app may lag sometimes. So try updating the iTunes app on your computer to the latest version. This will automatically ensure debugging app-related issues.

6. Check the Wi-Fi Or Network are Stable

Well, this reason may be the most trivial but check your WiFi connection or network stability. If the network is unstable you can not progress on working on the iTunes sync problem. Change your WiFi connection if possible.

7. Update to Latest iOS

Are you up to date with the latest software update of your iPhone? There may be a chance you are using an outdated iOS version that does not allow iTunes to sync with your iPhone.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Search for a software update.

3) Tap on it. If there is any new update available, your iPhone will give you the option to update the newer iOS version.

8. Disable the Restrictions on your iPhone

There may be a reason that you have some default restriction in your iPhone settings. Due to this, you may be getting the message “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone” every time you try to connect. Check your settings. If there is any possible restriction that might hinder the iTunes syncing, disable that.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Search Screen Time.
  3. Look for the ‘Content & privacy Restrictions’ option.
  4. Click to disable it.

9. Authorize Computers in iTunes

If your computer is not authorized to iTunes, you will face problems while you try to connect your iPhone to iTunes.

  1. Disconnect your iPhone from your computer.
  2. Open iTunes on your computer.
  3. Go to Account.
  4. Select Authorizations
  5. Enable it by clicking Authorize this computer.
  6. Restart your computer.


10. Use Tenorshare TunesCare

The solutions mentioned above should fix the “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone” issue by now. But if nothing seems to be working then we have the last but not the least option that is using Tenorshare TunesCare. Taking help from a professional third-party iTunes tool is the most effective way to solve this issue.

  1. Go to the Tenorshare TunesCare website.
  2. There should be a Free Download option there on the homepage. Click it.
  3. After downloading complete the installation process of TunesCare on your computer.
  4. Connect the iPhone to the computer.
  5. Launch the program by TunesCare.
  6. Click ‘Fix All iTunes Issues’.
  7. Select “Repair Now”. It will automatically download the repair driver for fixing iTunes issues.
  8. After the repair drive is downloaded, the repair of iTunes issues will begin immediately.
  9. You will be notified after some time stating iTunes issues are fixed.

Now, there should not be any “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone” error message. Your iPhone should successfully appear in iTunes while you try to connect through your computer.


We hope by now you can connect your iPhone to iTunes. If you still face any problems go through the article once more. Try different solutions carefully. These solutions are effective and simple to follow so that you should not encounter the “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone” error anymore!

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