Top 10 Roblox Horror Games to Play with Friends

Wanna have a scary horror experience in Roblox? Or is it been a long time since you played a horror game full of jumpscares, a sinister storyline that haunts you for the rest of the day! Well in that case you have found the perfect place to find out the Top 10 Roblox Horror Games. These games are full of scary monsters, spooky environment, thrilling adventure, suspense, drama, incredible storyline, and what not! Make sure to go through the article and dive into the scariest Roblox games!

Top 10 Roblox Horror Games

Here in this article, we have mentioned the Top 10 Roblox Horror Games. We have described the storyline of each of the Roblox games. Make sure to go through the article to find out the best Roblox scary Games in one place!

1. Alone In A Dark House

Alone In A Dark House is one of the scariest horror games in Roblox. It has an incredible storyline. In this game, you need to investigate a murder. Throughout the game, you will get many hints and clues to lead you. The setup consists of an abandoned house with very dim classic horror story kind of lighting.

You will experience many paranormal activities, jumpscares as the game progresses. Not all of the endings are pleasant enough. You are allowed to play with at least 20 players to find the convict of the murder. Thus Alone In A Dark House very evidently secure its position in the top 10 list of the best Roblox horror games.

2. Survive The Killer

Another famous Roblox horror game is Survive The Killer. This game was developed by Slyce Entertainment. It consists of several rounds. The concept behind the game is solely based upon you running away from something that haunts you. However, the suspense in each round is extreme as one player seems to be the killer each round.

many infamous killers like Jason, Pennywise Slenderman, etc. are present in the game to haunt you. You need to escape them. But the twist is you can even be a killer while trying to escape these killers! Basically in each round, all the player’s vote, and some random player is selected as the killer. Then the rest of the players need to escape him together. The goal of the killer is to erase every other player from the game. Survive the killer is one of the most popular horror games of all time with a constant 10,000 plus player base.

3. Murder Mystery 2

Well, you must be thinking there should be a horror game appropriate for every age group. There comes Murder Mystery 2. This game consists of three roles, Sheriff, Innocent, and Murder. In each round, there would be one murder and a group of innocents investigating to figure out who did it, and a Sheriff to help the innocents out. It is a perfect replica of Among Us developed for Roblox.

The scary graphics, the storyline makes this game insanely spooky. Murder Mystery 2 allows you to play with 11 other players to find out the killer. The suspense in the storyline makes it one of the best horror games.

4. Piggy

Piggy is one of the most sinister horror games on Roblox that offers a unique and terrifying experience. This game is developed by MiniToon. This is a very popular long-running franchise of Roblox. In this game, the identity of Piggy is hidden. Players need to survive each round to find out the real mystery behind Piggy’s identity.

This game has several rounds. Players need to find out a dangerous location where clues and tricks are hidden to help them escape Piggy. The piggies are always ready to hit and kill the players with their baseballs bats. You need to solve the puzzle escaping the staring, dead, sinister-looking eyes of piggy. As the storyline continues, it unravels the scary history behind one of the scariest monsters, Piggy.

5. Horror Elevator

Can you imagine a scary game where you are stuck in an elevator and to survive you must fight a different kind of scary monster throughout the game. In this game, the goal of the player is to get to the top using the elevator. This game allows you to play with a bunch of other players.

Horror Elevator is not as scary in terms of other games listed here. But that is what makes it extremely popular as it is suitable for almost all age groups. Sometimes you need to experience the fun in horror games and this game is here for you to give that experience!

6. Poppy Playtime – Story

Another spooky horror game on this list has to be Poppy Playtime – Story game. This is a first-person scary adventure game where you get to unravel the secrets behind the disappearance of employees in the toy factory.

To uncover the mystery, you need to solve different puzzles and riddles. Thus you will find more and more tapes from the toy factory which will give you hints on how to go about the storyline. The toy factory is now overrun by the spooky toys that somehow have come into life. You can play alone or team up with other players in this game. If you want to play this game for free, you can try playing Floppy’s playtime, an exact copy of Poppy Playtime.

7. Dead Silence

Dead Silence is one of the scariest games in Roblox. The horror experience in this game is extremely unique and sinister. The concept behind this game is based upon a movie named Dead Silence released in 2007. One character named Mary shaw who used to scare people in the local town has disappeared. You need to investigate the mystery behind her disappearance. You can team up with other players to play this game. The thrilling experience, deadly graphics are just cherries on the top.

8. It Lurks

If you are fond of insanely scary horror games, It Lurks may be the perfect game for you. Make sure your heart can take all the jumpscares, sinister monsters, spooky storyline!

This game starts with a picture of a seemingly normal household. Your arrogant brother shouts and asks to get out of his room, your father goes out to buy groceries. Well, then you go to sleep. But who knows what waits for you. You wake up to a lone dark home. Mysterious horror things keep happening. All mystery might be hidden in the basement, who knows. As this is a single-player game, keep your lights on and dive into the lone horror experience!

9. SCP-3008

A scary horror game with a bunch load of humor as the side dish! Well SCP-3008 gives you the best of experience in this field. The main goal is to survive an inhuman creature who stalks around the stalls of the IKEA furniture store. This creature is called “staff” ironically. Just to give you a backstory, SCP 3008 is an IKEA retail store with infinite interior space, and this game is based upon some spooky stuff happening there.

10. Deepwoken

A frightening experience, adventure, suspense – you get all in one game, Deepwoken! Though this game costs you 400 Robux, it’s worth it. Deepwoken by Vows by the Sea lets you discover a whole new world in the realm of an unknown sea. Here you can unlock special abilities, build your character.

This deadly game makes a character permanently dead if they fall. Players can explore the sea but must beware of the sinister horrors hidden under the dark waters of the sea.


Well now that you get a fair idea about your dream horror game, start playing! Make sure to turn on the lights, in case you know! What are you waiting for? Just dive into the world of spookiness and thrilling experience with your Roblox friends!

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