Spotify Keeps Crashing? 10 Ways How to Fix It

“And you call me up again just to break me like a promise…” aah damn again! Spotify crashed at the best moment of all too well! who won’t be mad? Well if you wanna listen to your songs in peace again, you found the right place. we are going to share the reasonable causes and solutions to fix this issue and let Spotify be “all too well” soon! Spotify is an audio streaming service where you can listen to music or podcasts. This app is entirely free though a paid version is there to remove ads. But these days a lot of users have been informed that Spotify keeps crashing continuously. Well if you are here, no need to worry anymore. You can again have a user-friendly smooth streaming experience in Spotify with these solutions provided by us!

Possible Reasons Behind Why Spotify Keeps Crashing?

Before finding the solutions, it is wise enough to search for the root cause of the Spotify crashing issue. There is a handful of reasons that might be behind your Spotify’s sudden crashing issue. Let’s make a list of them one by one.

1. Old Spotify Version

When was the last time you updated the latest Spotify version? Outdated Spotify version may be the main reason why your Spotify app keeps crashing. Frequent updates improve the stability of the app by debugging and with new system changes. The developers of the apps update their apps mainly to fix some bugs, add new features, improve the overall performance of the app.

2. Low Storage

For how long are you using your pc or phone without turning it off? Overworking may be a possible reason behind this. If unnecessary tabs or apps are open at the same time, they hinder the working of the Spotify app as well as the performance of the computer. Even if you are not downloading songs still Spotify consumes a lot of storage and data.

3. Malware/Virus

Another reason might be some online virus that you have invited through some risky websites or downloaded apps. Be aware of the corrupted websites or apps, you are using. Viruses can harm the working of the Spotify app to a much worse level.

4. Due To Corrupted SD Card Files

Spotify may crash if you try to play the music that is stored on an SD card. The file in the SD card might be corrupted. When it happens, you can still access the files stored on the SD card, but Spotify may not recognize it as a storage device, leading to Spotify crashing issue.

How to Fix Spotify Keeps Crashing Issue?

Now that you get a fair idea about what possibly can cause the crashing issue, you can use the solutions mentioned below by us. We can start working on solving them now. Let’s hope these fixes work for you!

1. Update Spotify

If you are using an outdated version of Spotify, your first work should be updating Spotify’s latest version. This way the app will automatically get debugged. To update the Spotify app you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Open Playstore (Android) / Appstore (iPhone)

2. Search Spotify.

3. Click the Update option

2. Logout/Login to Spotify

You can log out and then log back into Spotify. This way the app will automatically get refreshed and minor issues can get fixed. you need to-

1. Open the Spotify app.

2. Select your Profile in the top-left corner

3. Click on log out

4. Log back in.

3. Force Stop/Restart Spotify

When Spotify just force-stop the app completely before opening it again. Minor issues regarding the settings get fixed this way.

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to Apps/ App manager

3. Select Spotify

4. Click on Force-stop.

4. Delete Spotify Cache

Caches are temporary files that systems automatically create for a smooth user experience. However, when cache files continue to pile up, they can often use more storage causing apps to crash frequently. So you need to delete caches so that they can not hinder the performance of the app.

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to Apps/ App manager

3. Select Spotify

4. Click on Storage.

5. Select Clear Cache.

5. Uninstall Other Apps or Close Other Tabs

Sometimes other apps and tabs use background storage and data causing Spotify crashing issues. The apps you do not use may use a significant amount of storage. Though Spotify is an online app, it still consumes a huge amount of data and storage. So it is better advised to delete unused apps and tabs. It is also supposed to keep your computer system fast.

6. Use Browser Version of Spotify

The browser version of Spotify, Spotify- Web Player is an alternate option if the crashing issue keeps happening. If you can manage then just delete the app for some time and use the browser version for convenience.

7. Formatting SD card

If there are some corrupted files in your SD card, you should format your SD card to fix the crashing issue. First backup all the important files then start formatting the SD card.

1. Press Windows Log key + R key

2. Type diskmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box.

3. Press Enter key to open Disk Management.

4. Right-click on the selected partition to select Format.

5. Specify whatever is asked by yourself.

6. click OK to continue.

Then the SD card will be formatted very quickly. Though All the data on the drive will be deleted and you can reuse the SD card again.

8. Try Running Troubleshooter

You can also run the troubleshooter on a windows pc. If there are some minor software issues, troubleshooting will fix that.

1. Right-click on the Start menu.

2. choose Settings.

3. search Troubleshoot.

5. Find the Windows store apps on the right side of the panel.

6. Click on it and select Run the troubleshooter.

9. Check if Spotify is Down

Sometimes, Spotify may also crash when the app is officially down. there is no manual solution until the app restores its functionality by the app developers. You can check if Spotify or any app is down through websites such as DownDetector.

10. Run a Malware Scan

If nothing works, it should be because of some virus. Use this link for a free malware scan. This way you can get some idea about if your computer is attacked by some virus or not.


Well, I hope your Spotify keeps crashing issue should be fixed by now. If you find any problem again we are always here to help you out. Now I hope you can continue your “All too well” once again!

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